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Garage Door Sales in Edmonton

Here at DMA Garage Doors we work with many different manufactures to get the door that you will love for years to come. But here are a few of the models we like working with…


The Thermocraft Series is a versatile door with an R-value of 10.4 (R16 is optional for an additional charge). It can come with windows for an additional charge and there are quite a few window option from plain all the way to inlaid Muntin bars with a beautiful insert to give it that lavish look.

The color options available are White, Sandstone Brown, Linen.


thermo garage door edmonton

The Carriagecraft Series have an embossed woodgrain panel coming with an R-value of 10.4, R16 is optional for an additional charge. These doors are unique from the ones mentioned previously as they have a more decorative design and you can customize them a little more to your taste.

The Window options for this style of door are: Plain, Frosted

The Insert Designs for the windows are Wynbridge, Cascade, Somerton, Stockbridge, Waterton, Stockton

You can get inlaid Muntin Bars for a more extravagant look but the thing that sets this door apart are the decorative hinges and handles. The options for handles are: Veneto handle, Milano Handle, San Marino Handles

The options for Hinges are: Sicilian Hinge, Tuscan hinge, Umbria Hinge.


carriagecraft garage door edmonton

The Flush Series, just as the name suggests this door gives you that crisp flush look that many of your neighbours will be jealous of. This door comes with an R-value of 12.6 and it has more window designs then most other doors, those options are: Clear windows, Frosted windows. Inserts are: Sunburst 3 panel, Ridgewood, Overview, Cascade, Waterton, Stockton, Colonial, Wynbridge, Somerton, Stockbridge. You could go one step further and get inlaid muntin bars with additional inserts of Stanton, Regal, Sunray, Royal.

The color options for this door are white, Sandstone. (walnut and Black is available as an elite series door with an R-value of 16)


flush garage door edmonton

The Contemporary Series offers a sleek and modern look and feel. It has a wood look alike panel which you won’t have to stain or paint. This door has an R-value of 16.04 with color option of Charcoal, Walnut, Cedar. This door has many window options such as Clear view sealed glass, Frosted sealed glass, Bronze tinted glass.

Window placement on this door is not limited to the top sections. You can have glass windows all the way down the side on either side.


contemp garage door edmonton

If your looking for any other doors do not hesitate to ask – we deal with all major manufacturers.

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