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Garage Door Repair Edmonton

Your garage door is a very large mechanism with multiple moving parts. So, it should come as no surprise that over years of service parts eventually need to be repaired. Your garage door keeps your car(s) and your garage contents safe from the weather conditions like snow in our colder months and rain in our warmer months.

Eventually every garage door needs some repair. It could be that your door has gotten very noisy over the years, or it could be that one of your garage door springs has snapped.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have very high standards for ensuring that our customers and clients are happy with all the repairs done to their garage door.

Call us at DMA Garage Doors and we will come out with high quality parts and tools on hand to restore your garage door to it’s ideal working condition, as well as to ensure that you will not have any problems in the near future.

Our Services Include:

  • Replacement of broken torsion spring(s) and extension springs
  • Replacement of Damaged or lost opener remotes
  • Replacement of damaged garage door openers, or repair of garage door openers
  • Replacement panels for your garage door
  • Replacement of damaged hinges, tracks, rollers
  • Replacement of old garage doors
  • Replacement of garage door weather stripping and bottom rubber
  • Replacement and repair of frayed or damaged garage door cables
  • Converting your garage door to have high lift capability

Why Choose Us?

Here at DMA Garage Doors we provide a high-quality service that we back up with high quality parts and a second to none warranty. We have built a trust with our customers and clients for being reliable. Our team of experienced technicians are licensed and insured for repairing your garage door. Our team will explain how to properly maintain your door, so you may require less repairs in the future.

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