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Garage Door Installation Edmonton

Proper installation of a garage door is very important as it insures the that your door is going to work correctly for years to come. It is not just about the parts and accessories attached to your garage door, but every part of your door needs to be properly levelled and balanced for smooth opening and closing. For example, the weather stripping needs to be inserted correctly on the garage door to avoid binding and water from entering inside your garage from the gap between the door and garage floor pad.

Improper installation of a garage door can compromise the safety of the door, and problems with how the garage door operates. Choosing a qualified garage door company will ensure proper installation of your garage door, including but not limited to, the safety of the door, quality of the installation, and exceptional warranty.

Here at DMA Garage Doors we ensure that our customers get top quality service for your install. Your door will be properly balanced and levelled to ensure the garage door will open and close efficiently.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and warranty for the work done on your garage door. Our warranty for the installation of the door is 1 year and the warranty for the hardware is for 3 years.

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