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Garage Door Cables in Edmonton

Snapped or broken garage door cables – are you wondering why they have snapped?

The cables are an essential part of your garage door, the cables don’t just lift your garage door but cables also ensure that your door opens evenly so that your door doesn’t end up crooked. Your garage cables are a safety device that prevents your door from closing the door too fast and damaging your car or perhaps even your valuables or loved ones.

You may be thinking what can I do to keep my garage door cables working correctly?

The first step to see if your cables are working correctly is to check the cables which can be found connected both to the right and left side of the garage door. Looking at the cables, do the cables appear to have rust? Any damage such a frayed cable? Or do the cables appear to hang loose beside the track?

If you find rust on your cables, there’s a few things you can do. You can get a rust inhibitor spray from your local hardware store, or you can call a professional to change out your cables.

If your cables appear to be damaged or hanging loosely near the track DO NOT TRY AND CHANGE YOUR CABLES YOURSELF! Adjusting or tampering with damage cables can result in serious injury. We can not stress this point enough, garage door cables have lots of tension on them, if it is not removed correctly then these cables will snap upwards at an alarming rate and could potentially cut and hurt you or loved ones.

Garage door cables come in many sizes, so it is important to get the correct size for the drums that are on your garage door. If you find that your garage door is crooked, or you suspect that something has happened involving your garage door cables, contact us at DMA Garage Doors right away. We are offer a 24 hour emergency service seven days a week.

Broken Cable - Edmonton Garage Doors
Broken Cable
Rusty Cable - Edmonton Garage Doors
Rusty Cable

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