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Choosing a Garage Door Company In Edmonton

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When choosing a garage door company in Edmonton, beware.

Why you ask? Well its very hard to find a reputable company nowadays. There’s lots of companies out there that will attempt to rip you off. Whether it be a garage spring replacement or a simple garage cable replacement. Some company’s simply charge way too much for these services. A lot of companies will tell you how much the parts cost over the phone, but a lot of them do not mention how much the labor is for the job. Some companies will show up and you will end up paying around $500-$800 for a repair that should have cost around $300-$350 dollars.

So, let me ask you this. When you think Garage Door Repair what do you think of??

Do you think of garage doors, garage door springs? Garage door cables? Or perhaps something else entirely? The truth is there’s simply a lot more to repairing a garage door, than just the individual parts themselves. Your garage door is engineered to operate a certain way, with all the individual parts working together. When professional garage door technicians come out, they don’t just repair a door, they often re-engineer it by strengthening your hardware on the door – to strengthening the door itself.

Understanding that your garage door has multiple moving parts helps, but to truly understand your garage door you must know a bit more about it.

The garage door springs are like the heart of the whole system – they physically lift the door much like the heart pumps blood through your system. The garage door cables and garage door operator are like the veins and artery’s they help by guiding the door up evenly, so the door doesn’t end up crooked stuck in the tracks. The panels of the door I would compare to the bones in your body, they are tough and rigid but if you exert to much pressure on them they can break.

Just like our body over time things start to break down, and as such we can expect that your garage door will break down over time as well. Your typical garage door springs have a life cycle of about 15000 cycles up and down. How often your garage door opens and closes will depend on how long your springs will last.

broken springs edmonton garage doors
Broken Springs

Your garage cables are dependant on how much moisture is around the edge of the garage door. The cables tend to rust out on the bottom. You can use a rust inhibitor to slow down the process but once a cable snaps your garage door will end up crooked. If this happens call someone immediately because normally people who attempt to bring the door down themselves end up paying more because additional parts get damaged.

Rusty Cable - Edmonton Garage Doors
Rusty Garage Door Cable

Typically, your garage door should be serviced by a technician about once every two years. This helps identify any issues you may be having or that may soon appear.

Choosing a professional, trained, garage door technician is extremely important for you or your families safety. And choosing a reputable company that won’t rip you off will save you money.

Let us show you why we’re the right choice. Contact us today to get a quote.

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